Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It’s been how long?

Hello there, not sure if you remember me? My name’s Renae, I blog here occasionally. No? Well I can’t say I blame you. Its been exactly 12 months since I last posted. Can you believe it? Time sure does fly.

So what have I been up to in the past year I hear you ask.

A number of my projects have been finished and a few more have been added to the list. Craft is kind of like that; you finish one and have two more to take it’s place.

Today I want to share the finished Andy – you may remember him from my first post way back when ::


The Library Staff and I were creating this little fellow for the lovely Vajira who was expecting her fist baby. Everyone contributed by sewing one part of the bear.


Wendy did this gorgeous embroidery on both feet pads.


I jointed and stuffed him and did the nose.


We were all proud of the end result! And Vajira was so happy with her little bear – who she named Allen (after the library).

I’m also happy to report that Vajira had a gorgeous baby boy named Sohan – who has already turned one!

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