Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A quick trip…(part 1)

Last weekend we had a sneaky weekend away. It was lovely and absolutely needed by all of us!


We took the ‘back way’ to the Hunter Valley, travelling up the Putty Road. It was a beautiful and very scenic route.


I’m not usually a fan of this winding kind of road when G is at the wheel, but I really enjoyed this trip.


We made  a few stops along the way. Especially when we came across something interesting or unusual. This Tin Man was located at the site of the original Halfway Roadhouse (which sadly burnt down in 2009).


This petrol bowser was a left over from the fire.


At the turn off to Pokolbin we came across this important, sobering memorial.

I come from a family of truck drivers. My brother is a truck driver with a young family. Thankfully we have never lost one of our men folk in a truck driving accident. But we know of the hard work, long hours and close calls these people face. Our thoughts were with these men’s families.


A little further up the road we finally hit the wineries!

And I fell in love…

Cupcakes Galore when Miss K turned 4

This past weekend my baby celebrated her 4th birthday!

She requested cupcakes for preschool. One for each of her 35 classmates!


“Pink of course Mum” was the response when I asked what colour – silly me! But I couldn’t resist these little alligators :)

My very talented friend Mel.H. came to the rescue with the baking of another 25 cupcakes for our family party – thank heavens for Mel :) - plus her cupcakes are actually butter muffins and oh so delicious!!


All we had to do was ice and decorate! I found these perfect little fairies at Woolworths and Miss K decided some fairy dust  was the perfect finish!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

It’s been how long?

Hello there, not sure if you remember me? My name’s Renae, I blog here occasionally. No? Well I can’t say I blame you. Its been exactly 12 months since I last posted. Can you believe it? Time sure does fly.

So what have I been up to in the past year I hear you ask.

A number of my projects have been finished and a few more have been added to the list. Craft is kind of like that; you finish one and have two more to take it’s place.

Today I want to share the finished Andy – you may remember him from my first post way back when ::


The Library Staff and I were creating this little fellow for the lovely Vajira who was expecting her fist baby. Everyone contributed by sewing one part of the bear.


Wendy did this gorgeous embroidery on both feet pads.


I jointed and stuffed him and did the nose.


We were all proud of the end result! And Vajira was so happy with her little bear – who she named Allen (after the library).

I’m also happy to report that Vajira had a gorgeous baby boy named Sohan – who has already turned one!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It’s Wednesday…

wip_wednesday[5]This meme is hosted by Becca at A Bowerbird’s Nest

It all started in June this year. Our closest friend Steve was having dinner with us at No. 10 (as is the norm on Monday nights!) when he enquired about the blanket I was sewing together. So I proceeded to tell him about the Wraps with Love project that ABC organises for charity and how the Library staff participates each year by crocheting or knitting as many squares as possible. He looked at me with that puppy dog look on his face and said “I need a Wrap with Love”. What could I say to that? Well looking back now I think I should have said “here’s the wool and hook let me show you how it’s done”, but of course I didn’t.


I am enjoying making up the squares although I have to say I am a little bored with the colour scheme – Blue, Red and Orange – so male. But I have a deadline of 27th December as that’s his birthday, so there is an end in sight. 16 down, 19 to go. Yay!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

It’s been a while…

Have enjoyed a few fun and exciting crafty events this past month. Which is a little unusual as I’ve been suffering from a Time for Craft drought for a while now :)

The Road Trip:: On Sunday of October long weekend Wendy and Becca, my best crafty friends, took me on a road trip for my birthday to Berry on the NSW south coast. It was one of the best days I’d shared with them in a long time. Berry Ren and BecBecca & Me (with Sew & Tell way in the background)

It was cold and rainy: perfect pie eating weather (luckily Berry is renowned for it’s pies) and a great excuse to spend over two hours (yes that’s right two hours) in Sew and Tell: one of the best craft shops around. We looked at everything which is so unusual as the men are almost always pacing the front of the store or the Little Ones touching everything – we took full advantage of this rare Girls Only day! We managed to gather a whole load of inspiration and spend a small fortune each. So worth it! Camera Oct 174I bought this gorgeous project book Gift by Rosalie Quinlan. And plan to make Miss K a whole bunch of the Matryoshka Angels.

Camera Oct 170 And this gorgeous fabric by Kaffe Fasset and Amy Butler with plans to make Bubbles from the inspirational book Kalidescope by Melly and Me (which Becca bought) again, for Miss K.

We all had sooo much fun and made plans on the way home to visit Berry again as we missed a few shops! I forgot to mention that Becca also started our day off by presenting us with Road Trip survival packs filled with such essential items as: a road map, rope in case we fall over a cliff, super glue in case MacGyver isn’t around, a lollypop and the all important note pad for making a list of crafty purchases we planned for the day. They were so gorgeous and so Becca!!

Thanks Girls – love you both xxxx

The Scrapbook Workshop:: Last weekend I hosted a Kazzaz Scrapbook workshop at my house. I was joined by my Mum & Sisters. It was a quick 2hr class with two of us doing My Girl and the other two doing My Boy pages. It was a basic double layout with the main technique used being stamping. We had a great afternoon and I think we may have Mum hooked. She only came to make the tea and coffees!

Camera Oct 318 Camera Oct 320

The (un)Necessary Wool Purchase:: I was shopping with G and the Kids a few weeks ago in High Street when we walked past a store selling wool for 50c a ball. I know, how could I possibly keep walking and not buy at least 6 balls right?? Of course G was giving me the What-are-you-buying-those-for-you-have-enough-wool look, which I promptly ignored! And in a crazy case of the Wanties I went back the next day and bought another 6. OK I can hear you saying that IS crazy, but I was in the same shop this week and it’s all gone. Gone I tell you. Unfortunately when you buy on impulse you have to buy too much in case you don’t use them for another few years. There’s nothing worse then running out of supplies and not being able to get exactly what you need as it’s no longer available. I know you know what I mean :)

Camera Oct 255So here’s an idea of what I might create with these colourful beauties:

8ebc67af0a85fb336002ca6b5c23507a_landscapeOr not...hmmm…what do you think?? Any ideas are welcome. 

Attic24:: Ok this is it the last thing for today I promise. But I just had to share. Recently I came across this blog:  Attic24 hosted by Lucy. I am completely hooked!! As poor Becca and Wendy know I have been in awe of this wonderful lady with her colourful crocheting and delicious baking. And much baking has been taking place at No.10 this month (sadly not always to G’s approval – he likes the plainer things in life when it comes to cake). The Kids are really enjoying it though as is Mum & Dad and the security guards at work (they make great test dummies)! I can highly recommend Lucy’s Carrot cake and the Lemon Drizzle cake – both sooo yummy. The other thing about Lucy’s blog that has really drawn me back is the love she has for her family and home. She’s a very inspiring women and has managed to help me get back into the craft groove. Thanks Lucy :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WiP Wednesday (II)

This meme is hosted by Becca at A Bowerbird’s Nest

This weeks WiP item is Peanut by Jenny Lee of jennylovesbenny bear boutique. I found him during one of my many Etsy visits.

Becca and I are working on this cutie simultaneously. Both are going  to be presents; mine for Kaitlyn and Becca’s for a surprise! Our deadline is 6th November – Kaitlyn’s birthday. I can’t wait till he’s finished – he’s so gorgeous!

WiP Wednesday

wip wednesday_thumb[3] 

This meme is hosted by Becca at A Bowerbird’s Nest

This weeks WiP item is Peanut by Jenny Lee of jennylovesbenny bear boutique. I found him during one of my many Etsy visits.

Becca and I are working on this cutie simultaneously. Both are going  to be presents; mine for Kaitlyn and Becca’s for a surprise! Our deadline is 6th November – Kaitlyn’s birthday. I can’t wait till he’s finished – he’s so gorgeous!