Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cupcakes Galore when Miss K turned 4

This past weekend my baby celebrated her 4th birthday!

She requested cupcakes for preschool. One for each of her 35 classmates!


“Pink of course Mum” was the response when I asked what colour – silly me! But I couldn’t resist these little alligators :)

My very talented friend Mel.H. came to the rescue with the baking of another 25 cupcakes for our family party – thank heavens for Mel :) - plus her cupcakes are actually butter muffins and oh so delicious!!


All we had to do was ice and decorate! I found these perfect little fairies at Woolworths and Miss K decided some fairy dust  was the perfect finish!

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  1. Naw adorable! And pink cupcakes with alligators - perfectly Kaitlyn :)